Here at The Brazilian Waxing Studio waxing is our passion! Especially intermate waxing! You can relax in the knowledge that your therapist is highly qualified, super quick and done it a million times over! First time waxer are often concerned about the "ouch factor" unfortunately its no full body massage but we CAN promise it won't be half as bad as you expect! We know this because almost every client says the same thing after their first wax. This is down to our exceptional training techniques and products. The first wax is always the most unconfortable for shavers... after that the growth is less and hair is much finer resulting in a painless wax! We use only Lycon wax (you will never want to use anything else after Lycon) which includes pre oil which stops the wax pulling on the skin and only the hair. We are all about minimising the "ouch" factor.

The Brazilian Waxing Studio hygiene policy

Hygiene is one of our top priorities. We are one of the cleanest and safest salons to have a Brazilian or Hollywood wax.

We NEVER double dip our spatulas when waxing intimate areas. We'll use one on you once then throw it away and take another one. We'll never put the same spatula back into our wax pots. When waxing a spatula will pick up loose hairs, skin cells, sweat, bacteria and blood.

Always check your salon does not re-dip the spatula on intimate areas as it is possible to pick up herpes from one person and mix it onto the wax which then gets used on everyone else.If in doubt just come to the professionals.

It is our policy to ALWAYS wear gloves for intimate waxes. You would be surprised how many salons wax intimately without gloves!

All our equipment is disinfected with a strong solution of barbicide between each use including tweezers and trimmers.

Brazilian waxing is our passion! We pride ourselves on being the best and making sure our clients are at ease from the minute they walk through our door.